Electric vehicle charging solutions

The Energy Solutions Centre offers a wide spectrum of infrastructure development services for electric vehicles from construction of charging stations to a remote control platform and a mobile application. We can install electric vehicle charging stations on your site for both you and your customers. These stations will be connected to the general station network.
“Charge it on” is a network of charging stations for electric vehicles developed by the Energy Solutions Centre, a remote control platform and a mobile application. We can offer two types of charging stations: medium power charging station (charging time – 4-6 hours) and fast charging station (charging time – 15 minutes).

The “Charge it on” mobile application will not only show EV drivers the nearest charging station, but will also allow them to see the status of the network stations. Station control via the mobile application allows differentiation between consumers by availability and prices.

With the help of our platform you can limit the operating times of a station (e.g. only during working hours), set different rules for each charging point and apply different payment plans. Costs for using the station can cover the investment costs in the station.

Why is this proposal useful?

  • You do not have to invest your own funds into purchasing and installing the station.
  • By driving EV you will protect the environment and create a better life for yourself and others.
  • You will be seen as an innovative, socially responsible business.
  • If you introduce a cost for the vehicle charge service, you will earn additional income.
  • You will not have to worry about technical maintenance of the stations as the 27/7 service line is available.


The “Charge it on” platform will integrate your station into the largest network of EV charging stations in Scandinavia.