Energy audit

The Energy Solutions Centre provides audit services aimed at testing engineering systems and equipment and establishing their effectiveness, locations, nodes to be upgraded or modernised, thus reducing energy consumption. 
Our proposed audit of manufacturing processes is more comprehensive and detailed than that required by the “Methodology for auditing energy, energy resources and water use in technological processes and equipment." As a result, changes following the implementation of energy efficiency measures recommended by the audit may not only cover the audit costs, but also ensure considerable savings and be of long-term financial benefit to the client. 
There are three stages to an energy efficiency audit:

1.    Preliminary analysis of energy use efficiency
2.    Energy audit
3.    Detailed energy audit

The energy audit identifies energy saving solutions with a detailed analysis of investment and assessment of economic (return) assessment. The service includes:

•    Long-term assessment with no changes in energy saving
•    Analysis of energy needs, fuel and energy cost of individual users and forecast of changes
•    Assessment of the existing equipment support and operational costs
•    Assessment of possible alternative energy generation sources
•    Assessment of replacing equipment with more effective solutions
•    Economic assessment of the improvement in energy efficiency of the company’s utilities

If you purchase the services offered by the Energy Solutions Centre, the audit may not cost you anything.