Solar power solutions

The Energy Solutions Centre provides the opportunity to install PV systems and start using the green electricity without any initial investment.
ESC will take care of the planning, installation and operation of the PV system and you will only have to pay for the solar power actually produced, under the conditions mutually agreed by the parties.

Proposed financing model

The solar PV installation is financed according to the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model popular in western countries. The PV system is installed on the roof of the client’s designated object at our expense and the electricity produced by the system will be sold directly to the client at an agreed price. The client not only ensures that part of the total electricity consumed comes from renewable sources, but also reduces electricity costs and installs a PV system without any initial investment. After the expiry of the contract term, the PV installation passes to the client.

Why is this proposal useful?

  • You will be able to plan and control energy consumption costs.
  • You will be assured of a fixed price for electricity for a specified term and you will avoid increasing energy costs and price fluctuations.
  • You will be seen as an innovative, socially responsible business.
  • You will create a better life for yourself and many others.
  • You will pay less for renewable energy than you currently pay for electricity.
  • You will use the most advanced technology without any investment.
  • You can easily increase the capacity of the PV installation depending on your needs and possibilities.