Success stories

Įmonėje UAB „Klaipėdos duona“ įgyvendintas apšvietimo modernizacijos projektas

The ESCO model was implemented at the UAB Mantinga

The project involved upgrading indoor lighting by replacing 192 old luminescence lamps (2x36W) to with efficient EcoLight LED lamps (35W).

The modernization of ighting will allow company to cut its electricity consumption. Planned electricity savings – 74 MWh/year or more than 5000 EUR/year.


Modernisation of street lighting in Lazdijai municipal area

Lazdijai municipal area has become the first municipality in Lithuania to use modern energy-efficient LED lighting in all streets and areas. It is the first lighting modernization project based on ESCO model covering an entire district. It is estimated that the project will allow Lazdijai to save around 60% of all energy used for street lighting per year.

During the project almost 2,000 street lights were replaced. Also, their control system was modernised, and all worn components in the poles were replaced. Lazdijai will save 356 MWh of energy, amounting to annual savings of 70,000 euros.

New LED lights should function for 20 years. Part of these savings will be allocated for investments made in the modernization project. The remaining savings will stay in the municipality’s budget. The project will let save around 700,000 euros.

The ESCO model was implemented at the UAB Markučiai storage site in Kaunas

The project involved upgrading the lighting of the outdoor area of the site by replacing 32 mercury 400 W lamps with modern 120 W Philips LED lamps.

Planned electricity savings – 32,700 kWh/year or 378 EUR/month (~4,540 EUR/year). Service price – 239 EUR/month, savings over ESCO period – 139 EUR/month (~1,668 EUR/year).

The service has been provided for 36 months; 60-month warranty on LED lamps.

Modernisation of street lighting in Širvintos municipal area

By April 2016, 70% of the street lighting in Širvintos municipal area had been upgraded by replacing 360 mercury lamps with modern LED lamps. Today, street lights operate at 50% capacity between 23.00 and 5.00.

This is expected to lead to savings in electricity use of up to 75% for street lighting. The planned payback period of the modernisation – 5 years. A 10-year warranty on the upgraded lights.

The ESCO model was implemented at the Sėklos agricultural company

The company used the model planning for a 4.5-year payback period from electricity cost savings. Upgrading 2,085 lamps will save about 65% of the total electricity consumption.